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Julian Pössnicker –  VISUAL EFFECTS ARTIST


Hi, I am Julian.

I am a Visual Effects Artist living in Germany. I created 3D- and 2D-Animations for a range of different projects such as short films, study projects, educational media, and corporate image films.

Already in my early school years, I started making my first films with animated scenes and it became my passion. During my bachelor studies in media production and technology at OTH in Amberg, Germany, I enhanced my abilities a lot. Now I continue my studies to get a master’s degree. Along the way, I worked on various corporate and academic projects as a visual effects artist and director. Some of which you can see in the video above or on my YouTube-Channel.

If you are interested, I write a blog about my recent most interesting projects. Also, I stream my work on potentially exciting new projects on twitch every week. If you are interested in my work, please contact me in the form below.

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