Unreal Engine 5 Part 3 | Lumen vs Cycles-X

Unreal Engine 5 Part 3 | Lumen vs Cycles-X

Written by Julian Pössnicker on April 2022

In the last chapter of our unreal engine 5 journeys, the lumen engine renders a scene without any light prebaking. The following scene is completely lid with the Lumen System.  Therefore, it could highlight its “flaws” or limitations. This video compares the same scene with the same settings. The Blender Version used is 3.1. The Unreal Version is 5 Preview 2.


The Unreal Engine 5s rendering features and its rendering time are stunning. The last examples show the limitation of the Lumen System very clearly. But when used with these limitations in mind, a proper setup Lumen scene could be very close to a cycles-x scene but with much shorter render times. In the end, all I can say is that this won’t be the last project with the Unreal Engine.



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